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Choose Change

Choose Change was founded by four friends who wanted to inspire their community to speak up and get involved in the real world (#BURSTYOURBUBBLE). 

Our platform is a media hub for teenagers to shine a light on injustices in their communities, share solutions, and advocate for change. If you explore our website, you'll find many various articles and interviews on different topics, along with notices of events we're holding for you guys to get together, learn, and share ideas (virtually at the moment of course).

There are so many ways you can get involved with us and join in: submit an article, or even just an idea for one so that we can confirm it before you start writing, and you can even just reach out to join our team! We are super welcoming to any new members, and it would be a great opportunity for you.


If you have your own organisation that is advocating for some way of change, you can contact us to: have your organisation be published on our "Resources" page (only applicable to organisations that is focused on educating others about social issues as that is the content we publish as resources for change) / Co-host a virtual or in-person event / Mutual takeovers / Shoutouts / Interview the founders or the members of a certain department / Article-based collaboration: publish posts/articles around a similar topic / any other ideas you may have for collaboration.

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Contact Us:


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  1. 2020 LGBTQ+ Youth Forum (100+ people from across the world and in Thailand signed up!

  2. An article from the 'Our Voice' section - so important in this age and day

  3. A Mental Health Awareness post to celebrate MHA Month!

  4. An interview from the 'Inspiring Stories' section from our Class of 2020 series

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