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Earth Photo

Earth Photo will focus on photographs or films which describe one of the following subjects:
- People
- Place
- Nature
- Changing Forests
- A Climate of Change - might involve impacts of climate change, or efforts to mitigate its risks, or to adapt to a changing climate. It might engage with how climate change changes 'us'.
A special prize will be awarded to one outstanding photographer.
The best in each category will also be awarded £250 (10,172 baht) each.
A prize will also be awarded for best short film.
Read more about the selection process on the website to glean a better understanding of what may give you an edge to winning.
Entrants are invited to submit up to 10 still photographs or films. All photographs and films entered must have been completed since 1 January 2019. Entry fee: £15 (610 baht)

Final Deadline:

2nd Jun.

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