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FIIN Biodiversity Photography Contest

Photos of wildlife and nature to be submitted- the theme of the contest is wildlife, approached from the point of view of its aesthetics, the technical quality of photography and the message of conservation and protection of the values of biodiversity. Only works that deal with wild fauna and flora will be accepted.
The categories in this Competition are:
a. Birds
b. Other Fauna
c. Flora and Fungus
d. Landscapes and natural habitats - cannot focus on humanized landscapes or predominate elements with anthropogenic origin
Look in additional link below for what formats will be accepted. There is an entry fee of €5 ( = 179 baht), and you may submit up to 2 photos.
The "Carvalho Araújo" prize of € 500 is also awarded to the photo chosen by the Jury as the best photo of the Contest, separate to the placed winners.
The prizes to be awarded by category are the following:
1st prize - 400 euros - 14300 baht
2nd prize - 150 euros - 5362 baht
3rd prize - 100 euros - 3575 baht
Even if you are not given any prizes you may be selected to be displayed in the exhibition which last year 1.8 million people visited.

Final Deadline:

6th Jul.

To see what formats will be accepted:

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