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Gigantic sequins 'Teen sequins magazine'

Age limit: 14-18
If you will turn 19 BEFORE July 2020, please refrain from submission; if you are 13, but will turn 14 BEFORE September 2020, you are eligible! Current or former students of Teen Sequins editor Sophie Klahr, are ineligible for this feature.

Submissions of 2-3 poems should be sent to Poems should be grouped in a single document, attached to your email in a .docx format. Please do not paste poems in the body of your email or share them as a Google document.
In the body of your email, list your age, your preferred email address, the name of your school and location, and a brief bio (any personal info of your choosing, up to 100 words).
A single poem from each age group will be featured on the Gigantic Sequins blog in September 2020, and all will receive the distinction of honourable mention for their dedication to poetry! Every age group is judged individually.

Especially good if you want to discover the work of other fresh voices like yours, finding their own ideas and running wild with them. Participation in Teen Sequins is a distinction that any teen could happily include in a college or summer program application as evidence of ambition, independence, and unique talent.

Final Deadline:

12th Jul.

The Gigantic Sequins Blog:

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