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NASA CineSpace Competition

Age limit: No age limit, but if you are under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must fill in and submit your paperwork on your behalf
Submit a short film inspired by, and using, actual footage from NASA's digital archives for a chance to earn cash prizes, have your film screened by renowned director Richard Linklater (Boyhood, Dazed and Confused), and get programmed into the Houston Cinema Arts Festival this November. Films will be judged on their creativity, innovation, and attention to detail - the hallmarks of spaceflight itself - with special guest judge Richard Linklater weighing in! Submissions must be 10 minutes or less (including credits) and comprised of at least 10% NASA imagery and/or footage, which is based on the film's total runtime, excluding credits. NASA-owned imagery may be sourced from the NASA archives or any publicly available source (see an up-to-date list in our additional links below).

Films selected as "Finalists" will be screened at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival in November 2020, where a special ceremony will take place for attending filmmakers and the following prizes will be given during the screening:
- Grand Prize: USD $10,000
- Second Prize: USD $5,000
- Third Prize: USD $3,000
- Best Documentary: USD $3,000
- Film That Best Depicts "20 Years of Humans on the International Space Station": USD $4,000 - Humans will have lived peacefully in space on the International Space Station continuously for 20 years this November; so it has been 20 years since all living human beings were together on one planet. This category is designated for the film that best captures: the accomplishments, over the past two decades, of the ISS' peaceful global partnerships, its support for global space exploration, and the science and technology that benefited humanity, using the tenets of one or more of the global peace awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize, the Goi Peace Award, World Peace Prize, U Thant Peace Award and many others as applicable to the ISS experience.
- Best Film Using Exclusively NASA Archival Footage: USD $1000 - Due to the changing landscape of collaborative filmmaking in this time of pandemic, there are many limitations on filmmakers' abilities to shoot or acquire new footage and interface with production crews and talent. In response to these limitations, this new category recognizes editors, filmmakers, and multimedia experts who participate in Cinespace 2020 without acquiring new imagery. This award challenges filmmakers to take a deep dive into NASA's archives and create short films using exclusively NASA archival footage. Filmmakers are encouraged to search for unusual or not commonly used footage. These archival films can include NASA audio and/or graphics from any publicly available sources and can span any genre. (recommended category)
There is no entry fee. View further details of where you can source your music, and the submission requirements etc. on the website linked.
Deadline: 16 July 2020

Final Deadline:

16th Jul.

Up to date list of publicly available NASA-owned imagery sources:

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