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SongDoor International Songwriting Competition

Age limit: 16 or older
SongDoor is the only song writing competition that provides every single entrant with a free an unlimited access trial to, plus a Broadjam Film/TV membership, plus a different kind of songwriting software every year. This year you'll get another great program that's compatible with Mac and Windows, absolutely free - just for entering. Why do we do it? Because we want to help you be a better songwriter. No strings, no obligations. Ask anyone who's entered a song, they'll tell you.

Essentially, we give everybody $220 worth of songwriting tools for a $10 entry fee, meaning we give away far more than we take in. Believe it or not, we are not in this for the money. If we were, we'd charge $40 an entry and double our songwriter services fees. This is why we have the most loyal group of entrants on the planet.
In sum, we're here to help you be a better songwriter and to get your music heard by someone who can actually do something about it.
" Christian
" Country
" Instrumental
" Pop
" Hard rock/Alt-rock
" Soft rock/Folk-rock
" Grand Award Winner:
o Valued at $5,291.80
Colorado Sound full-band demo
Acoustic demo for winning the category
$1,000 cash
SongU Platinum membership (1 yr.)
Masterwriter 3.0 - 2-Yr. License
Broadjam Primo membership (1 yr.)
Robin Frederick's webinar course
SongDoor Certificate of Excellence
" Six Category Winners:
o Valued at $1,356.95
SongU Platinum membership (3 mos.)
Broadjam Primo membership (1 yr.)
Guitar/vocal or piano/vocal demo produced/engineered by Steve Avedis
SongDoor Certificate of Excellence
Fee per entry: $10
What you get with your entry:
o A free 45-day all-access trial to
o A free Broadjam FILM & TV membership (new members only)
o Free songwriting software (for Mac or Windows)
o A thorough screening of your entry (vs. a 10-second listen by an inexperienced temp)
o An additional screening for possible film or TV placement (totally free)
o The opportunity to win the Grand Award, and any of 6 Category Awards
If you'd like an evaluation of your entry, you pay another $15.
Songs can also be in any language, you just need to submit an English translation of the lyrics. It is entirely possible for a judge to love your song and reach out to you to publish/record it.

Final Deadline:

15th Nov.

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