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The HG Wells Fiction Short Story Competition

Age limit: None
" There are two competitions: The Margaret and Reg Turnill Competition for young writers of 21 years and under, for which the prize winner receives £1,000, and a competition for the over 21s which offers The Grand Prize of £500.
" Shortlisted entries will be published into an anthology that they will be given a free copy of as well as a certificate.
" This year's theme is "Vision".
" Entries must be in English.
" The length is 1,500 to 5,000 words.
" Double quotation marks should be used for speech and single quotation marks for other appropriate purposes.
" Your story may not have been previously published
" Please ensure you DO NOT have your name or address ANYWHERE in your uploaded document: we judge all entries "blind" and including your name or address will invalidate your entry. To be safe, do not even use your own name as a character name.
" They have a document template for you to use if you want if you do not want to bother reading the rules of the format they want. Follow the link to it here.
" Deadline: The closing date is Monday 6th July 2020 and entries will be accepted up to midnight on that date.
" There are no entry fees for those aged 21 years and under on 6th July 2020. Over 21s must pay an entry fee of £10 or £5 for those with student id.

Final Deadline:

6th Jul.

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