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Trinity College Linguistics Essay Prize

Age limit: 16-17 year old
This is an annual Linguistics competition for Year 12 (Lower 6th) students. The Prize aims to recognise the achievements of high-calibre students from whatever background they may come, as well as the achievements of those who teach them. The competition is open to all students with an interest in how language works regardless of the specific subjects they are currently studying at A-Level (or similar qualification). For example, it may be of interest to students taking A-Levels in Modern Languages, English Language or Classics, but also to students taking Psychology or Mathematics.

This year's essay title is: Why should we care if a language goes extinct? Discuss with relevance to under-studied and/or minority languages.

If you go onto the website there is a whole list of websites where you can find more information about this topic on to help you with your essay, and this is a great chance for you to gain more general knowledge as well as digging deeper into the subject of Linguistics.
- First Prize: £600 - to be split equally with your school
- Second Prize: £300 - to be split equally with your school
- Up to three further essays of high quality will be commended
The school or college's portion of each prize will be issued in the form of book tokens with which to buy linguistics books.
There is no submission fee.

Final Deadline:

3rd Aug.

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