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A non-profit organization by a group of teenagers, aiming to help the country during quarantine. On our instagram, we have a lot of tips to deal with how you spend time during quarantine, as well as a whole load of our favourite netflix shows that we recommend! We were also selling our 'UNSCRAMBLED' T-shirts up until June 2020 - raising a total of nearly 30,000 baht which went in medical supplies to Rajavithi hospital and Foundation of the Blind School, while a third of the money went to the WHO COVID Fund Organization. 

At the present we are continuing to post more productive content, and if you follow us, keep an eye out for our upcoming charity events!

(If you have any queries/would like to collaborate/need advice, feel free to just DM us on instagram)

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Phone: +66 87 921 0110

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  1. Donation for WHO COVID Fund Organizaton

  2. Donation at Rajavithi Hospital

  3. Donation at Foundation of the Blind School

  4. One of our advice posts

  5. 'UNSCRAMBLED' T-shirt designs

  6. 'UNSCRAMBLED' T-shirt Black

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