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STEM youth

We are a collection of high school and university students with a love for STEM subjects, aiming to spread our love for them through accessible and engaging courses. We hope to inspire students, especially those who may not feel they fit the typical STEM student stereotype to be empowered by stepping out of their comfort zones.

Past projects include:

-  Programming for Girls 2018 (Panda Computing Course)

- IGCSE Theory Class 2018 + 2019 (Panda Computing Course)

- Python Programming 2019 (Panda Computing Course)

- Technology Seminars e.g. on Pop Culture Astrophysics

- Virtual Seminar: Find your perfect education path

and more...

Follow us for updates on coming events.


Currently (instead of the usual summer program): offering private 1 on 1 tutoring for IGCSE and A-level on STEM subjects, with tutors from Ivy League, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities. Sign up on our website.

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @stemyouth


Line ID: stemyouth


(for even more info and to sign up)

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  • YouTube
  1. Virtual Seminar: Find your perfect education path

  2. Programming Course

  3. IGCSE Theory Class

  4. Technology Seminars

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