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Women in Thailand

A youth-led organization dedicated to empowering, supporting and protecting women in Thailand through knowledge, service, awareness and voice. In the gallery of our website, you can view all the amazing interview, poetry, prose, and visuals people have contributed, in line with our mission.

Aside from this, our projects also include our COVID-19 Relief campaign - so far we've donated 1200 litres of hand sanitizer, and have cooked and served 150 meals for people in need.

Ways you can help/get involved:

- Submit to our gallery (Visual Art, Poetry, Prose, Films, Photographs, Articles and more)

- Apply for open positions in our Executive Team to work directly as a part of Women in Thailand

- Start and lead a fellowship focused on an aspect of one of our pillars (Awareness, Knowledge, Service, or Voice). One Fellowship must begin with 3 or more people, and have at least one leader for every 7 people. Starting and leading a fellowship means you get to determine the co-leaders.

- Join an already existing fellowship

(Get in contact if you have questions about any of these)

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Contact Us:

Instagram: @womeninthailand


Twitter: @womeninthailand


  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  1. One of our interviews in honour of sexual assault awareness month (read full versions on out instagram)

  2. Food donations (150 servings) as part of our COVID-19 Relief Campaign

  3. Hand sanitizer donations in collaboration with 'Clean Hands, Good Health' Campaign

  4. Welcoming entries from anyone and everyone to feature in our gallery (can be anonymous)

  5. A stunning piece by Emmy Thamakaison (co-founder of Senia Youth) in our gallery - symbolizing "sexism and it's detrimental effect on femininity."       

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