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Asia internship Program- International Placements Thailand:

- Asia Internship Program is a leading social enterprise that takes top candidates and significantly improves their knowledge, skills and employability with their international internship programs. The AIP team greatly recognizes the importance of professional experience internationally, in today’s society and job market. They are the leading internship placement provider in Asia, and one of the fastest growing organizations in the international education industry.
- The Thailand internship programme offers internship placements across all industry sectors and is fully customizable based on your career goals. They can ensure that you will have a meaningful internship experience through AIP, as they partner with multinational corporations, rapidly growing start-ups, and charitable NGOs
- Cost: £1,373- £8,885 (but customisable)
- Age: 18+
- Duration: 1-6 months
- Dates: 11 Jul 2020, 25 Jul 2020, 08 Aug 2020, 10 Oct 2020, 17 Oct 2020, 10 Jul 2021, 24 Jul 2021

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