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Medic Mentor Volunteer for the Doctor's Hardship

- Medic Mentor is a non-profit national medical organisation for applying students, medical students and doctors. They specialise in helping applying students get into medicine, and award students with merit-based scholarships to study medicine at university.
- Volunteering as a campaigner is a fantastic way to support doctors safely from home! They are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who can raise awareness through a variety of ways, such as emailing teachers, friends and family or via existing social media channels that you already have access to. There are so many things that you can do as a campaigner and you will be joining a very lively community of volunteers who are coming up with great new ways to raise money every day! All of their volunteers will be given a certificate and reference for their active contribution. They can use this volunteering experience to count towards your Medical/Dental/Veterinary Awards Programme too.

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