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SEO Virtual Internship

- As a SEO Virtual Intern at ClickDo, you’ll mostly work under the supervision of the Director of SEO Services. Your duties and roles will be complementary in helping the company fulfil its mandate to clients.
- You’ll once in a while call new or old clients, set up meetings, or just update them on how their marketing campaigns are being run. SEO clients require to be constantly engaged on the performance of their sites with search engines.
- At other times you’ll be assigned to work with the web developers in making changes to a client’s website, change keywords, or generate fresh content
- Your Internship will be about learning as it shall be about delivering results; you’re encouraged to ask our team anything you don’t understand, but also to complete tasks assigned to you on time.
- With time, you may be assigned to recruit or manage local SEO clients within your city.

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